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SYnc with Next cloud and choose the file to use

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I would like to settle a password manager self hosted on my nextcloud instance. Enpass is one of the solution eems to suit m needs.

Not very skilled as developper and coding, i've managed to sync Enpass with my netcloud. But I haven't been able to chose in wich file my enpass archive has to me recorded in  my nextcloud repository.

Would you please explaine me how I have to complete this line to ave my file not  at te root of the repository but in a dedicated folder in files folder



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Enpass will already create a sub directory called "Enpass". If you want it further down, simply add the directories to that path.

(for example https://<your-owncloud-host-domain>/remote.php/webdav/some/more/directories ... you may have to create them in advance, I guess)

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