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Automatic new entry in enpass like 1password

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I want to switch from 1password to enpass, one feature, I liked at 1Password was:

When I'm logging in to a website like Facebook and the dataset wasn't already in 1Password, there appeared a window from 1Password and asked me, if I would add this Login to 1Password. I confirmed this window with yes and after this, I had a entry with Username, Password and URL in 1Password. 

I haven't found this feature in Enpass yet, does this feature exist?


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Hey Gandalf, I too am a recent switcher from 1Password. Although I like the sound of Enpass, so far I'm finding it extremely buggy in comparison to 1Password. Sometimes it will offer to save a password for me, other times it won't. Sometimes the assistant (extension) will work as expected, other times it will say it can't connect to the main app (even though it's already been connected). I'm hoping that these are just teething issues with the new v6 and that these bugs will be ironed out in time.

The most frustrating experience so far was when I tried to use Enpass' password suggestion when signing up to a new website. It suggested it for me fine, but then didn't save it and by the time I'd figured out that it hadn't saved it, Enpass had wiped it from the clipboard, forcing me to jump through the whole 'forgot password' scenario for that particular website.

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