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  1. For anyone interested, I wrote a quick script to convert the Enpass 6 JSON export into a CSV. I looked at Safe-in-Cloud but preferred something I can run locally (you just need Node.js) https://github.com/migvill/enpass-to-csv I only read in the basic logins, I don't use Enpass for creditcards, etc so I haven't tested for that. It's not perfect but I was able to successfully use it to migrate to Lastpass since V6 is too buggy I might come back if it gets better again Cheers
  2. Bump. Are there any staff members that can answer this for me? When I log in to a new site on Chrome that Enpass hasn't saved before, it doesn't prompt me to save. It happens on other apps so I know it's possible. Why doesn't it work on Chrome??
  3. Why are you blaming us for this? Are you telling me that multiple users complaining here on this thread just happened to update their OS or added a new fingerprint around the time we all updated to v6? Very unlikely. You're trying to redirect the blame. You are still ignoring the main complaint here. The app update CLEARS all the settings from the previous version. This should have been thoroughly tested or at least communicated to users. It's completely unacceptable We as paying consumers expect stability from your product and we did not get that here. I'm starting to see a trend in this support forum. You selectively answer some questions and ignore others. I for one, still have an unanswered question on a new topic. If this is how you guys treat paying customers, maybe it's time to speak with our wallets, request a refund and find a new service.
  4. This feature is definitely missing (at least on mobile). I have autofill enabled on system settings but I've never once been asked to save new
  5. How do I get Enpass to prompt to save new logins on Android? On Chrome desktop, whenever I login I get a prompt to save a new login or update existing. Is there a way to do this on mobile? The whole experience seems broken on mobile. I can only autofill existing entries and if I want to add a new one, I have to manually do it via the app. There should be an automatic process where it captures the URL and email/pass combo The system notification to autofill only asks to search the vault. There needs to be a way to Add a new item through there. Also the password is generator needs to be accessible from there too. The new UI on mobile only looks nice but the core functionality is just broken. I think too much time was spent on the new theme and support for multiple vault. But the basic functionality is just not there for me. I was using v5 before and decided to upgrade to pro. And then this v6 update happened (which made me lose fingerprint/settings by the way) and now I'm really regretting making the purchase
  6. I had this same issue. The migration between 5 and 6 was really bad. It lost all app settings, autofill (system setting) and fingerprint. While it's true that we should not forget the master password, you guys did a really poor job of transitioning between versions. It was a horrible experience for me. I only noticed because I stopped getting autofill prompts. And when I checked app settings, autofill and finger print were all lost. And even the cloud sync was gone. I only recently upgraded Android to pro and these types of experiences really made me regret upgrading
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