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Changeable Keyboard Shortcuts / Usability

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Hello everyone,

As a long time Keepass user I'm used to the shortcuts ctrl + b to copy a username and ctrl + c to copy a password. It wouldn't be a bigger problem to adapt new keyboard shortcuts but the current ones in Enpass aren't usable with one hand for me. And I don't want to move my mouse to click the copy icon all over the screen.

ctrl + u and ctrl + shift + p, the letters are too far away from ctrl/shift so i would have to use both hands or move my hand crazy around the keyboard like a monkey. ;)

In most cases I click with the mouse at the input-field and want to copy and paste the data into those login fields. Now I have to leave the mouse with my right hand to assist pressing keyboard shortcuts and move my hand back to the mouse again.

The "old" Keepass shortcuts were an excellent pick: ctrl + b, ctrl + v, ctrl + c, ctrl + v and you were done while the right hand clicked with the mouse into the fields in between.

Am I missing something, or could it be possible to define the two shortcuts on our own in the near future?

Best regards

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