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Cannot restore windows store purchase


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I installed Enpass via the windows app store and purchased the in-app premium features aka the so called "lifetime license" and everything went fine.

But now I can't restore this purchase on any other windows installation (using the same account for the Microsoft store, of course). After I click the restore button it immediately tells me that there was en error restoring the purchase.

I already contacted support about this problem and the answer they gave me was:


The purchase receipt you have shared is of Enpass UWP app which won't
work for Enpass Windows 10 app (Bridged app).

It is not technically possible to share the in-app purchases between
different apps. If Enpass would have been an online password manager
with your account and data with us, we could have restored your
subscription across the platforms.

 We have dropped the price of Enpass to $5.99 (i.e. 50% off) for a
limited time, so it would be better if you can buy it during the sale
period!! You can check more about the Enpass Pricing here on our
website [1].

Which doesn't make sense to me since in my case it's exactly one and the same app. I don't even know what the "Enpass Windows 10 app (Bridged app)" they mentioned is. Every link to the Windows 10 version goes to the store (even the button in the "traditional win32" version).

To me it looks like my Windows Store account is somehow not connected to the Enpass app, but I don't know how it exactly works. I'm logged in in the Windows Store app though.

Sadly support didn't answer me since then.

This is a major deal breaker for me, I don't want to have to buy this app hundreds of times in my life. I like Enpass but it's ridiculous what the company is doing with this new version.

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I have the same issue, I've tried to contact support and got the same answer.

I told them at least they could offer a redeem code to restore the purchase if I bought the previous version, but no answer since.

It would be great if I won't have to buy the app again and again when there is a major upgrade, this is ridiculus.
I love using this application though, but I will have to look alternatives if this cannot be solved...

Update: Contacted support again, and they have provided a redeem code.

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