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Import into UWP?

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Not what I would have expected, but I did find a way.

Installing Desktop version let me import.  Then syncing to one of the supported cloud storage options did not seem to sync them to UWP on desktop or mobile connected to same cloud storage, but then did a backup from Desktop and a restore via that backup file to UWP.  That brought them all in to UWP desktop.  Then I did a sync from there and then did a sync via mobile and all then showed up there as well.

Yeah, all my PWs moved over without retyping (they had been in KeePass format, which I had to export from it to XML file to get into format for desktop to import).

Accomplished what I needed.  Would recommend making that easier for UWP.


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Dear @Enpass User
Thanks for using Enpass. Only our traditional desktop version for Windows, Mac and Linux supports importing data from other password managers. But I am sorry to hear that you faced inconvenience while syncing data between devices in first attempt, which shouldn't happen and must have worked smoothly. If you face this issue again, please contact us.

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