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Problems/steps backwards since update to version 6

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Since upgrading to version 6 in, November/December don't remember exactly, I've been having a few issues i didn't have previously and after working with Enpass and specifically the chrome extension for a while these are the things that still annoy me today.


1. When first installing the Extension in Chrome the Shortcut key (ctrl+/) doesn't work. I have to go into the extensions settings and rebind it to (Ctrl+/) before it will work. I've had this problem both at home when first installing it last year, and when reinstalling it after formatting my machine a few weeks back, and on my work PC after the update.


2. the shortcut (ctrl+/) sometimes still does not work. it works roughly 95% of the time, I have not been able to see any pattern or reason as to why it doesn't work the remaining 5%. I have to click the icon in the tray (top right of chrome) and put in my password.


3. When trying to log into any website, after filling in my master password i now get a window and have to select which login I need to use, even when there is only one. I can see this being Useful when you have multiple entries for a website, but i'd really rather not have to go through the extra step every time I log into a website. I can also see it being a safety feature if the website is unsecured (I.e. logging into my router, or some website without ssl encryption) but again for pages that are secure this extra step seems pointless.


Overall the Upgrade has been somewhat smooth, needing to set up my sync settings again was a pain but not a problem, and aside from these issues everything has been working pretty flawlessly, if these 3 problems I've experienced could be fixed it would make for a pretty marvelous update.

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