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How to pay for Windows version?


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Can anybody help me with this?

I use Enpass for some time now and i want to have the premium versions, android and windows.

I have a Microsoft account and an creditcard.

Downloaded the version windows out of the store, i can not pay there, i need to select an option  "in-app payment in my program on my pc.


Butt....where do i find the option or link to click :

Í want the premium version" ??

I looked everywhere, even changed softwarelanguage from english to ducth and back....but i don`t see any link or something like that??!!


Can anybody show my the right way please ??


Big Thanks!!


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Guest Vikram Dabas


Sorry for the unpleasant experience. The Enpass Pro version for Windows 10 can only be purchased from Windows Store via Enpass App > Settings > Premium Features > Buy Now > Follow the instructions for Payment.

In case, if you still face any problem then revert with the following answers:

  • Windows and Enpass version you use.
  • The Country and language in which you are using the app.
  • Any error message or code you are getting while purchasing the app.


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Ok....i already payed for it as i can see in the store, in my account and at my creditcard overview it seems.

Here is the information you requested ;

Windows 10 Home version 1809

Enpass version 606 (322) Country is the Netherlands, language is english, and sometimes Dutch.

There are no errors.  I do not see something of "Premium version " in the lines "About"  Enpass.

I can provide you my emailadres from my microsoft account and the payment bill, if needed i will send them to you

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Hi i sent the email to support, hopefully it is all clear!!    


I want to sent you the bill from the microsft store including my emailadres .

Where do i need to sent this to?  To  "   support@enpass.io  "  ?


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