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  1. I just lost most of my vault content after a full couple of hour of painful organizing my 237 imported items because of a delete with mutliply selected items in the "import" category. Everything gone forever, everywhere. No undo, no second chance... Making so easy for your customers to lose everything in a single click is not a good idea if you want to keep them happy.
  2. Categories are useless: There is no way to add/delete/rename them, just hide them, which says a lot on their true utility... Once an item has been associated with a category there is no way to remove it from all categories: you have no choice but to remove the item itself or move it to another category. Folders are painful to use beyond a couple of items: There is no way to MOVE an item between folders with drag and drop: Drag & drop will COPY it and then you will need to REMOVE the old one yourself... The drag & drop shift/control/alt modifiers are not even following the basic GUI semantics. After an import everything is put inside an "import" category. Ok but when you move them into folders for organizing them, they stay in that category forever (or in another category, see point #2). Good luck to remember which items have already been organized after importing a couple hundred of them... Categories / folders are two badly designed concepts that overlap. Just keep the folders and make them working like true folders one can find in all other applications.
  3. Hi, Same experience. I just used this forum as a test for Enpass and it failed to ask me to save the new site credentials. So i used your "i lost my password" feature (because there was no way to have access to the last generated password like with Lastpass) and ended up with a bullshit password. To summarize: Very poor first experience compared to competition that lead to use weak passwords. When a product forces its users to act exactly against the purpose of the initial intent, you know your business will never fly.
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