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  1. Unfortunately, 100,000 iterations is no longer considered sufficient. See: https://palant.info/2023/01/23/bitwarden-design-flaw-server-side-iterations/ and recent hack at Lastpass! How can I increase this myself in Enpass to 600,000 iterations? Which is currently considered a safe minimum.
  2. I find that a problem. There are personal data shown in that video. Not for a Forum! Any suggestion to do this private?
  3. An addition to the above! The entries where the problem occurs on my Windows PC, appear normally in my iPhone App. It looks like it is exculsive for the Windows version.
  4. Hi Pratyush, 1) On: Windows 10, iOS (iPhone & iPhone), Mac, Android - all latest versions 2) 6.4.3 (666) 3) Some data! Not all. From mSecure 4) The ghost-item shows no right-menu or other possibilities to handle. As selected - Right pane is blanco en right mouse button doesn't work. Tried everything. The other items are OK te handle. Best Jos
  5. I have the same issue with 2 items. All other items can be deleted and right-clicking gives the normal menu. The two items will not and no content can be seen or edited. Suggestion: It looks as if these items are the result of the first import. Sorry: I just see that the issue from Ishan Jalan is a MAC issue. I use a WIndows 10 computer with Enpass version 6.4.3 (666)
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