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  1. Your workaround seems to be working. One thing to note. My Enpass folder used to be in the root of my OneDrive. At some point, an App folder was created which contained Enpass and Enpass1 folders.
  2. Realized that this forum (which is where we are directed when selecting 'Support Forum' from the Help menu in the Windows app) is a little off the beaten path. This is a know issue with no current fix as mentioned by the Dev team here: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/17195-sync-lost-password-of-data-on-onedrive-is-required/page/3/
  3. I noticed sync errors across my Windows/iOS devices and was given the message, "Password of data on <redacted> is required." After multiple failed attempts to recover, I completely deleted my data and created a new sync. That worked only for a few minutes (I was able to sync one other device), then all of my devices started giving the same error again, even the one that created the sync.
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