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  1. It would be great to have hierarchal or nested account abilities. Three levels should provide enough customizability for most people. For instance, banking: Level 1 - General bank info (Bank name, address, phone, routing number, website, app association, etc) Level 2 - individual entries for Credit card, login(s), etc. Level 3 - other details When attempting to login, the browser extension and app autofill would show available logins individually for the associated institution (based on website and app association, as it is now). When viewing in either the desktop or mobile app, it would first show the institution. Clicking/tapping on that selection would list the individual items. Clicking on the individual item would then show its details. Having a "display all" could also be very useful, where selecting a primary level would display all details of sub-items. As it sits right now, things get very messy and duplicative, especially when you have multiple logins, cards, and other details associated with a single institution. Categories are only useful in separating work, school, personal, etc. in a single vault. For me, tags are completely useless, I have not found a true functional use for them. Other requests: Multiple sub-vaults that can be individually shared between family/colleagues is essential If multiple sub-vaults is not an option, then multiple vaults syncing and individually sharable from the specific cloud service. Shared vaults are essential for families, businesses, etc. When an item is updated, all authorized users should be automatically synced. One way for this to be done would be having the either sub-vaults or multiple vaults sync to a single cloud, allowing for the individual vault or sub-vault to shared to the other person via that cloud service. Secure item sharing with syncing capabilities with permissions is crucial. Right now, it is done plain text which is a major security hole and there is no syncing, so if details change, the other person would not have the up-to-date credentials.
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