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  1. Hello, today it worked like it should be So I give it a try the next days without changes. If the problem arises again I will follow your workarounds. Thanks for helping
  2. Regardless of the chosen browser I get this web page with "Remember my apple ID" instead of "keep me signed in". But I got another issue with the apple ID - every time I try to log in on the browser it requires 2 factor auth and I have input the provided password from my iphone. The checkbox "trust this Computer ..." never shows up. Maybe that's the causing problem.
  3. Hello, I've tried Google Chrome, Forefox and Microsoft Edge. Same issue. There is no prompt on the website to ckeck "keep me signed in" or something like that. After the imput of apple ID and password the webseite wants to go back to enpass but hangs in all 3 browsers forever. Sync works then until the next day. So I still have to reconnect every day wich sucks pretty much, because it's the device I use the most.
  4. Hello, I had serious trouble with the the sync with ms onedrive on all devices (mac/pc/ios/Android) because I have 2 Accounts. After some API changes is wasn't possible any more to use my onedrive private account. So I switched to icloud drive sync. Everything works again like a charm but I have to reconfirm every time the apple enpass permisson only on my my PC. I confirm via iphone and enter the 6 digit code. But the Browser Windows redirecting to enpass hangs forever: So my guess is that the permanent permissons are missing and therefore enpass restarts confirmation all over again. How can I fix this? Kind Regards Chris
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