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  1. bump Hi Enpass Team, I'd really like to see this feature too please.
  2. Morning - OK fixed it -again- and -again- I don't really understand how or why or what happened but I'll describe it: I had regolith-desktop (love it!) installed on my system but not being used (not since I got a triple monitor setup). about two months ago I did something that messed with my lightdm settings (IIRC I played with some VM's) ==> instead of booting straight into the xubuntu desktop my system started booting into regolith since then I've just done the extra step of <ctl-alt-f1 ... startx > :: since then I noticed that several of my start-on-boot/lo
  3. Ooooh I like that - it's a bit like a self-authenticating secret "I can only show you what's in the box if you already know what's in the box" :: or more usefully a self authenticating statement "Je parle francais tres mauvais comme un renard foule" :: forgive me. it's late. I'm tired. but quite enjoying trying to fix this :: bw ygis
  4. Morning & many thanks @Dentonthebear :: I set up logging a few days before v6.4 stopped working and searched the whole /var before I downgraded to v6.3 :: of course uninstalling might have wiped the logfiles but today's double-check below. Does anyone find that reveals anything please? Hi @Pratyush Sharma are you one of the moderators? please could you advise where the logfile is? also pl may make a feature request >> when logging is switched on I think it'd be great to have a message that informs where the logfile is saved, or even offers the user the chance to select a custom
  5. ~> sudo apt-get remove enpass ~> sudo reboot now ~ > dpkg -l grep enpass ii enpass amd64 A cross-platform ... ~ > /opt/enpass/Enpass ~ > (ie no response) can't launch from the whisker menu. Head. Scratched. ygis
  6. I'm Back - Hi @genbushi @Dentonthebear and @Pratyush Sharma Booted this morning, no password login for enpass at starup and can't start it manually. I set enpass to save log files a few days ago, does anyone know where they're stored please? I tried /var/logs and ~/Documents/Enpass I'm tempted to downgrade enpass v6.4.1.643 back to v6.3.3.601 as per @SR68503 in their post - do you guys think that's going to be my best bet or are there more diagnostic / fix options? thanks in advance ygis Some terminal efforts: ~ > /opt/enpass/Enpas
  7. Thanks @Pratyush Sharma Hi @genbushi "just a user" and you're flag is "newbie" ... but I've seen some of your replies - you look more like you're the original creator! qudos mate. So I fixed it but TBH I don't see how what I did could have helped. un/ re-install (clean up in between) go through the (dropbox) restore (which it always allows) and ... before it had a chance to minimise or quit ... I went to [settings] > general > [checked "always run assistant in docked mode" ] :: I also changed the window control to "always stay on top" but that got old v quick
  8. Hi, I've been using Enpass for at least 5 years (I think) - several platforms and always loved it. About 3 weeks ago it spontaneously stopped running on my desktop, won't launch at all from command line or from the whisker launcher, and the browser plugins don't do anything. Working fine on windows and android. Tried uninstalling & re-installing (twice): https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/general/how-to-install-enpass-on-linux/ :: immediately after install I get taken through the dialogue to restore data from dropbox (the authorisation page failed at first both times which it ne
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