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  1. Migrated to another password manager due to Enpass' annoyed behavior
  2. Any news for this issue? Still freezing Unusable app in some cases
  3. Version 6.6.1 (804) Mac App Store Such slow behavior was always. Loading ALL records (after clear search field) - about 5-10 seconds Loading ALL records first time (after restart 5-10 seconds) Switching between categories - 1-3 seconds Adding new items (after pressing save) - 5-10 seconds (and app freezes)
  4. Searching for my email address takes MORE THAN 15 seconds!!!!!!!!!!! I never saw such slow searching! Database contains 1836 records Completely UNUSABLE in Mac Mac - Core i9 MacBook Pro 16" with NO FREEZEs in other apps
  5. I use iCloud sync freezes performs when search something. when starting app. many freezes. maybe it happens when number of items is large
  6. Enpass freezes when opening and/or using search field
  7. Hello! Could you change translation for license category in Russian language? For now it was translated to "certificate" or "identity" in Russian Correct translation is "Лицензия" or "Лицензии" in multiple
  8. Pls, make TouchID authorization first and default instead of clocking mouse to enable it. For now - I need to click mouse to login using touchid and it is annoying
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