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  1. Version:, and then I can say, my second Pro1 with original Android 9 (no root) (unlocked bootloader) has no problem to unlock Enpass with finger. That means, the problem is between Lineage OS (similar with root or not root) (unlocked bootloader) and Enpass. In the last days I tested a lot... sadly to confirm, it must be Lineage OS But perhaps you have a hint or solution for it FYI: I have so many apps (about ~10) which I unlock with my finger, only Enpass don´t want it
  2. After a normal reboot, I unlocked my phone without finger and opened enpass, but it doens´t work. I cleaned all my fingerprints before I contact you :-) Custom Rom: Lineage OS 16 (Android 9)
  3. Model: QX1000 Phone: Pro1 Manufacturer: f(x)tec Software: Android 9 (LineageOS 16) Unlock with fingerprint -> problem after every phone restart. No difference between rooted with Magisk, rooted with Magisk and hide root status or not rooted. No other android app (unlock with fingerprint) has these issue. Thx for your help!!!
  4. Update: No root but the unlock issue with my fingerprint still exists :-/
  5. Thank you for your reply! I will test it. FYI: My old phone (stock rom Android 8) has been rooted too and no issues.
  6. Hi Enpass-Team, I have a new phone (Android 9) and a issue with my fingerprint. After every phone-restart, the app have these problem: What does it exactly mean? My system: LineageOS 16 (Android 9) with only fingerprint as biometrics App version:
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