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  1. Hi, the MS Edge plug in colour is almost exactly the same as the colour of MS Edge dark mode. As such I cannot see the icon and can only click by knowing where it is (when I mouse over it the colour changes slightly and can be seen). Please either change the icon colour or give an option to change it to white, for example. Thank you
  2. Please close this post. I resolved the problem. I was, of course, using the wrong master password
  3. I recently upgraded Windows to the latest version and it broke my Enpass installation. I uninstalled the app and tried to install from Windows marketplace, this kept giving me an unknown error so I downloaded the 32-bit version from Enpass website and installed successfully. However, I am now no longer able to access my vault. I am confident that I know my master password but it is not being accepted (which now worries me that I do not know the password...) I have Enpass installed on my Android phone and on a 2nd Windows computer. Is there any way to access the master password from one of these devices or to download the database and install it in a new user account?
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