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  1. Hey, I have tried removing the sync from all devices (and removing the data), but afterwards I get the same error. If I connect via desktop, a new Enpass-folder is created. If I only connect via android-app (same user), no Enpass-folder is created and it fails with the error 908401 even though all login-data is correct. I have also tried creating a new account. Again it works just fine on desktop but not at all in the android-app. I will send you a PM with the login-data for that account for you to verify, as requested. Thanks.
  2. I'm using nextcloud/owncloud before that as a means to sync data between desktop and android for 4 years now and enpass for about 2,5 years. At some point this year the sync-function in the android-app (version with android 8.1.0 at the moment) stopped working, resulting in the error 908401. I worked around that until now, but of course that defeats the point. The sync-function still works fine on desktop and I have verified, that I use the correct login-data and the server is still accessable from the phone. Any Ideas how to resolve this?
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