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  1. Hi Garima, it totally slipped my mind that my iPhone runs with beta iOS14. After Apple provided another upgrade this weekend, the WebDAV sync works again. Can't explain why this only hit Enpass while all the other apps were working, but I truly apologize. Everything is fine now! Best, zyg
  2. Sorry, I can’t follow this. The NAS permissions are given by user name and password in this case. There is no possibility to assign separate permissions to particular app. I double checked with two different apps and both can create folders and files in the dedicated NAS directory. I suggest you check the change logs of the latest Enpass updates, This bug is extremely disappointing, local sync was one of the most important criteria for me to choose Enpass.
  3. Hi Garima, absolutely no changes in WebDAV setup, iPhone sync just stopped working. And as already mentioned, the mac Enpass sync works fine and I can access the WebDAV folders with every other mobile phone app (e.g. I can see the vault file with File Browser). Unfortunately I can’t share the demo account as my NAS works in local network only. Thanks, zyg
  4. Hi, have the same problem. WebDAV running on Synology Diskstation, Mac Enpass syncs fine, no sync on iPhone. Error message: Connection to WebDAV not possible, please check user name and password. WebDAV is accessible from every other app on iPhone. Thanks
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