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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, I tried again to import the Keepass xml file with Enpass 6.5.2 and indeed this time it did not complain "nothing to import" but replied that it found all 34 items. I tested also to import the same file as KeepassX xml file. In this case, I got the reply "nothing to import". I do not know what differences to expect between both xml file formats. However, it seems that I can select either file format (Keepass xml or KeepassX xml) on my primer vault and it tells me that all "270 items found". That would suggest me, that there are be no big differences in the file formats, or are there? Cheers, Joseph
  2. but will continue if the entry reads instead <Times> <LastModificationTime>2020-07-11T18:19:47Z</LastModificationTime> <CreationTime>2016-01-14T20:49:59Z</CreationTime> <LastAccessTime>2016-01-14T20:49:59Z</LastAccessTime> <ExpiryTime>4001-01-01T00:00:00Z</ExpiryTime> <Expires>False</Expires> <UsageCount>0</UsageCount> <LocationChanged>2016-01-14T20:49:59Z</LocationChanged> </Times> In the my case, the second database with the 34 entries contained in the first fields two entries without the "<LastModificationTime>". The import stopped. When I removed the these two entries, it would continue importing entries until it encounters again an entry without the mentioned item. The import process does not complain anymore about "Nothing to import". Instead it reports to import as many "complete" entries as it found until an "incomplete" entry. I would not have expected that "<LastModificationTime>" is a mandatory field of the Keepass xml file. It is even harder to understand seeing that none of the imported entries will show the LastModificationTime stored in the xml file. Instead, the vault shows the entries with "Last modified:" set to the time of import. Best regards, Wolfgang
  3. That is, import is stopped at <Times> <CreationTime>2016-01-14T20:49:59Z</CreationTime> <LastAccessTime>2016-01-14T20:49:59Z</LastAccessTime> <ExpiryTime>4001-01-01T00:00:00Z</ExpiryTime> <Expires>False</Expires> <UsageCount>0</UsageCount> <LocationChanged>2016-01-14T20:49:59Z</LocationChanged> </Times>
  4. Hello, finally I found the problem that prevented the import of the entries. The import of the database stops when it encounters and entry with a "<Times>" field without "<LastModificationTime>", e.g. <LastModificationTime>2020-07-11T18:19:47Z</LastModificationTime>
  5. Ups.: Another experience with Enpass that is not smooth: I wanted to submit the following post but instead I got "** Forbidden. Message seems to be spam. ***".. Again, as with the import problem, I need to work around that ..
  6. Hi @Kashish, thanks for contacting your team. I tried to import the xml file with the 34 entries into the first vault but the import process still says "Nothing to import". Note, that in the process first the xml file is selected, after clicking "Continue" it will tell either "Nothing to import" or it would proceed to the next dialog where it tells how many entries it found. It is in this dialog that I have to select the vault where to import the entries. With the xml file of 34 entries I never came to that point. Best regards, Wolfgang
  7. Hello @Pratyush Sharma, by default I'm using Keepass Desktop 1.0.6. (for mac). I exported the xml from this program but I also imported the *.kdbx file into KeeWeb App v1.15.6 (https://app.keeweb.info) and exported a xml file from this app. Same story here, "Nothing to import".. What do you means by "correct categories". The groups in both Keepass vaults are not identical. Please note: Despite the version numbers reported above, the the xml file looks like a Keepass 2.x xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"> <KeePassFile> <Meta> ... </Meta> <Root> <Group> <UUID>... Thanks for your help. Wolfgang
  8. Hello, I am using Enpass 6.4.2 on macOS Catalina 10.15.6 as a "Premium Account" User. I have two vaults set up. For the first vault I successfully imported around 270 entries from Keepass xml file. On the second vault, however, I tried several times importing around 34 entries again from a Keepass xml file, but without success. On the first trials, only 4 of the 34 entries have been imported, all of them were stored on the top level (of the database visualisation in Keepass). On the next trials, I moved the 4 entries to a subgroup. Again, however, only 4 of the 34 entries have been imported. On the following trials, I set up a new database in Keepass and imported the entries that have been exported before. I exported an xml again from this database. But it did not work out neither. At least some restarts of Enpass later, I retried importing the xml file into the second vault. Now, however, the error looks different. I get the error message "Nothing to Import" with the xml file for the second vault. Importing the the xml file for the first vault, however, would still work as it claims to be ready to import around 270 entries. In general, a more verbose (or more precise) error message could guide me in resolving the problem myself. In this case, however, I fully rely on your help. Thanks!
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