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  1. 5 hours ago, John Doe said:

    What is Enpass Ultimate, Superb or Diamond package? I haven’t seen that anywhere on their website 

    PRO The user is required to purchase with a Premium feature.

    I laugh at the future that I can have a purchase request in the future.

  2. Pro users continue to use the PRO function.
    But why is the new feature is not a pro, but a premium feature?
    When you add the ability to add ahead as a Premium feature, Pro users are very angry.
    Obviously, PRO users said they can add new features in the future.
    But what about reality?
    We have created a new title called Premium.
    Is there a guarantee that new titles should not come out after the premium?
    If so, should I buy a new title again?
    This trust will fall.

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  3. First of all, we express our regret for offering the subscription function to pro users.
    As an initial user of enpass, it is very upsetting to divide pro users and premium users to share functional benefits.

    I have two pro licenses, but if this is the case, add a one-time payment feature that allows pro users to upgrade to premium. And it is not known whether this type of discriminatory function use update will occur in the future through this update. Enpass's updates are now hard to trust.

    I don't think this kind of discrimination is right. Please refer to the user's opinion.

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