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  1. Hello and thank you for your reply, I'm on windows 10 22h2 on both machines and the enpass version is 6.8.6 (1360). if you need a log or anything else, don't hesitate to let me know!
  2. Hello, I have several vaults (about 30) that sync on a share located on a Synology NAS server, I use this folder to sync two different computers. From time to time I get a message telling me that there's a problem syncing and if I go to check the problem I'm told that the folder pass mode is required because it would have changed... but I've never changed any password on either my nas or enpass
  3. Personally I don't have the problem anymore and I didn't do anything special... My version is up to date but it's not the one from the Microsoft store but the standard x64 version. I have the impression (without any guarantee) that the fact of not minimizing the software anymore (leaving it in full screen all the time) has greatly diminished the problem. I open the other software on top of it but I don't minimize it at all! Moreover I stopped the WebDAV synchronization and I arrived in synchronization on a folder (which itself is after synchronizing with a cloud) And I have 47 vault and more than 1000 passwords synchronized and all on two different computers that both pose problems and now I have no problem on either! So I don't know if I was just lucky (2x in a row) or if the two solutions said above are the reason...
  4. Hello, after a lot of testing it's been a day since Enpass didn't crash anymore... I changed the mode to classic and not modern and I think that I don't have any more crashes ... if you didn't have any more news from me, it was that!
  5. For information I have several Vault ( about 20 ), I really have the impression that the problem comes when the system does the synchronization ( or tries to synchronize it ) Is it possible to pause the synchronisations to check my theory without having to reconfigure them all afterwards? C or at least have a log of what is happening?
  6. If you need more information, I will be happy to provide it to you!
  7. I have had exactly the same problem for more than a year... This problem this product or on my two HP notebooks with Windows 2004 (but already before 1909 and older) chrome extension several Vault synchronize... I switched from webdav synchronization to folder synchronization, I completely uninstalled the application and reinstalled it, I tested with the store version and the exe version but the problem is still there... This problem is also added to the problem on the mobile application that doesn't work, I have already contacted the support for this problem also I have sent the reports plus videos but I have no news... I specify that I bought the desktop and mobile version and I'm excremently disappointed... If a patch does not come quickly I go to the competition! And all my customers where I installed it too..
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