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  1. Personally I don't have the problem anymore and I didn't do anything special...

    My version is up to date but it's not the one from the Microsoft store but the standard x64 version.

    I have the impression (without any guarantee) that the fact of not minimizing the software anymore (leaving it in full screen all the time) has greatly diminished the problem. I open the other software on top of it but I don't minimize it at all!

    Moreover I stopped the WebDAV synchronization and I arrived in synchronization on a folder (which itself is after synchronizing with a cloud)

    And I have 47 vault and more than 1000 passwords synchronized and all on two different computers that both pose problems and now I have no problem on either!

    So I don't know if I was just lucky (2x in a row) or if the two solutions said above are the reason...

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  2. For information I have several Vault ( about 20 ), I really have the impression that the problem comes when the system does the synchronization ( or tries to synchronize it )

    Is it possible to pause the synchronisations to check my theory without having to reconfigure them all afterwards? C or at least have a log of what is happening?

  3. I have had exactly the same problem for more than a year...

    This problem this product or on my two HP notebooks with Windows 2004 (but already before 1909 and older) chrome extension several Vault synchronize...

    I switched from webdav synchronization to folder synchronization, I completely uninstalled the application and reinstalled it, I tested with the store version and the exe version but the problem is still there...

    This problem is also added to the problem on the mobile application that doesn't work, I have already contacted the support for this problem also I have sent the reports plus videos but I have no news...

    I specify that I bought the desktop and mobile version and I'm excremently disappointed...

    If a patch does not come quickly I go to the competition!

    And all my customers where I installed it too..

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