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  1. Device: Windows 10 desktop and Surface Book Version: Enpass Extension v6.4 , Enpass Desktop W10 v6.5 Browser: Brave, this issue has nothing to do with the browser. The desktop app crashes on launch
  2. I am having the same issue and have been for over a year. I have sent multiple crash reports and it still crashes regularly. To fix the crashes, I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled and it doesn't work. I have the issue on multiple computers. I am at the point where I am contemplating switching to Bitwarden.
  3. Hi, I am hoping someone can answer this question. I can't seem for the life of me, to be able to get the identity to autofill email addresses on webforms. It will fill out all other information. I can get it to fill email addresses on logins but for some reason not identities. I have tried changing the field type to text, didn't work, checked for errant spaces, etc. Any suggestions?
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