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  1. Thanks, I figure this out yesterday. I think that it would be useful to provide some sort of visual cue on the UI to indicate that this is possible.
  2. Hello, Maybe I've missed it but it would be great to be able to cut and paste from cards in the UWP app. Right now I use EDGE browser mostly and I have to open the card, go to edit and cut and paste the username / password into the browser. Until the extensions API is release and you can give us a plugin could you look to reduce the clicks / friction of this use case ? Thanks John
  3. I was hoping the an Edge extension might be on the road map. @Anshu kumar is there a uservoice site or similar for EnPass so that we can help shape future releases ?
  4. I had exactly the same feedback; thanks for the tip. It would be great if you could 'convert' the generic card into the other types. At the moment I'm copying the details out of the card and into a new card manually.
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