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  1. I discussed an issue here about a year ago that could be a rather serious security issue. The reply from Enpass back then was it could be duplicated and would be worked on. I am still seeing the behavior and was just wondering if it is still being worked? The original issue is here:
  2. Hi @Garima Singh Has there been any progress on this? It's been months and the same behavior is still present.
  3. OK - here's the screen captures - needed the 2nd one to show scrolled to the bottom of the preferences.
  4. I've noticed this for the past couple of desktop versions. I am now on Enpass version 6.5.2 (726) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) on a 2019 Macbook Pro 13". I usually have Enpass open, but minimized to the dock all the time I am logged in. I have noticed when I walk away from my machine for a while, or the machine sleeps, the first time I click to re-open Enpass from the dock it will pop up with the info displayed from the last item I used in Enpass (username, email, password page)...then after maybe one to two seconds it goes to the Enpass PIN screen. Even though the data screen disappears kinda quickly, I still see it as a security issue since someone could glean a password if they knew about the issue and knew where to quickly look or took a digital picture before the Enpass window locks. Has anyone else seen this?
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