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  1. Hi, Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it´s not possible to give you temporarly write access ... I have to buy new accounts for this :-( Strato Hidrive is a famous german cloud service like google drive https://www.strato.de/online-speicher/. But maybe you can create an account? They have a 30 days money back guarantee? Sorry
  2. The Enpass - Android Client 5.4.8 syncs only one time when using WebDAV on Stratos HiDrive. The next times I try to sync I only see a rotating circle. The Windows Client has no problems. I just switched from Google Drive to HiDrive. I had no problems with Google Drive. I tried to sync with WIFI and LTE. Also I am having no Problems seeing the WebDAV - Drive with Chrome. I tried the App on two different devices with no luck (S7 Edge and a Tab-S). The only possibility to sync ist to disconnect and reconnect the WebDAV Drive. A reboot of the devices doesn't change the situation. Thx!
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