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  1. So I'm SOL if I want to use Enpass on my main PC. It worked fine a couple of weeks ago. Since then though, I've had a couple of Windows updates.
  2. Hi Pratyush, I'm running Windows 10 Home (64 bit). Version 20H2. I'm using the latest Enpass from the Enpass website and previously, the Windows Store. Not sure about how many items, but roughly 150. Only one vault. As for any scenario, there is none besides opening the application.
  3. I've enjoyed using Enpass for a couple of years now, purchased a license too. However, as of late my Enpass window keeps "Not Responding" when I try to use it. I've uninstalled it, removed all registry entries and reinstalled it. This has not solved the issue. I've been installing it from the Windows Store. I've downloaded the manual install as well directly from the Enpass website, but it's doing the same thing. When I use it on my Android phone or my Surface Go (Windows Store version) I have absolutely no issues and it works fantastically. My database is 1.25mb and resides in OneD
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