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  1. Can this warning "logins entered in this insecure (HTTP) page could be compromised!" be hidden so I can actually read what is underneath? I think I need that last item Yes, I know it is insecure to use HTTP in general. But this is a copy on my local machine (http://site.localtest.me) of a website under development. Is there a way to remove that pesky message after it annoyed me so many times?
  2. Thank you @islerfab, this worked for me! (One warning: Enpass does not work with Edge anymore on my system, because for that the store-app is required). Thanks! John
  3. The add-on for Firefox is not working on my system, it redirects me to the Enpass Connection Error help. How can I debug this, is there any way to detect what is wrong? As far as I know, it's all brand-new: Windows 10 Home Single Language Build 16299 Firefox 57.0 64-bit with Add-On Enpass Password Manager Enpass Password Manager 5.6.2 It works fine with Chrome and Edge... Any help appreciated. John
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