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  1. Never mind, desktop version suddenly synced, then after re-adding OneDrive option within Enpass on the phone, it now works as well. Weird, but all's well, that ends well.
  2. Hi, I noticed today that information I added on one device a few days ago had not synced to Enpass on my PC. Upon checking, I can see that both Enpass on my Android phone, and also the Windows desktop version have been unable to sync with Onedrive since August 15th 2018. Is this a known issue, and is it to do with Enpass or Microsoft? Is there a solution? Thanks.
  3. Sent email, not heard anything. Problem occurred again today, on a different PC using the same data. Was working ok as normal this morning, then I was suddenly left with just 2 entries, all other data completely disappeared. Desktop version of EnPass on my home PC is no longer synchronizing either, getting error code 119. I loved this program, but I am losing confidence rapidly at the moment. I would be grateful if someone could shed some light on these issues. I use paid for versions of EnPass (on my Windows phone) as well as the free desktop versions.
  4. Hi, I hope someone can help with this, I was using EnPass a short time ago, looked away from the computer to take a phone call, when I looked back at the screen, all i had was a single log-in showing instead of the long list I would normally have. I couldn't get this to display any more than just this one single login, and so located the EnPass folder in my documents and found some files that had been synchronized before this issue occurred, I proceeded to import walletx.db (i think that's what it was called), and now whenever I try to open EnPass, it is rejecting my password. Panicking a little here, so if anyone can help, it would be very much appreciated. I do also run this app on my Windows phone, and the app is working normally there, but I'm very concerned as you might imagine.
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