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  1. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.
  2. Garima, In response to your question, I have Enpass installed on my laptop, PC, phone, and iPad. For the failure on my phone that I reported above, I was only able to get it working by uninstalling the app (risking my phone access to passwords) and reinstall. Following the reinstallation, my OneDrive Microsoft password was accepted just fine. I now find myself facing the same quandary on my PC. I enter the correct password, copied and emailed from my Enpass on my phone to my PC, in the Enpass on my PC, but receive the error message, "incorrect password." Please provide me with some guidance.
  3. I am having the same trouble - both with OneDrive and with Google Drive. With both, when I try to enter the appropriate password, I get the message: Error Incorrect Password. This only happens on the Enpass app on my Samsung S8+. My Gmail app works just fine, so the issue appears to be with the app. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the Enpass app on my phone. I now not only have no access to the drives, but I have lost the data I entered manually on my phone. This is extrememely frustrating.
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