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  1. Hi any news on this? I have the same issue in both Chrome and Firefox using latest 6.6.0 version of the extension. The focus jumps to another field when pressing enter, usually a date field and in cases where enter key is the only way to submit as is often the case with column filters f.x. it renders them unusable since it prevents the key* events on the element. Also I must say I have started to question my faith in enpass team. It is a great product but issues are being dealt with very slowly and also I cannot understand if the fix is already done, why wait such a long time to
  2. It works now, thank you. If I may though, a bit more haste would have been good. Especially since this was a feature broken by some minor update, could have been a valid move to just roll back (pushing older version as a new update) while you sorted this.
  3. @Pratyush Sharma Any update on when the new extension versions will get published? I am using Firefox but I have checked the Chrome Extension to and both have latest updates around mid october 2020. b.r. Haddi
  4. @Pratyush Sharma I thought issue was pretty clear and well understood but I'll explain it in as much detail as I can. Also I must agree with other posters in this thread, I am using various cpanel products almost every day and logging in to those is a big reason for needing a password manager with auto filling browser extension in the first place so one must indeed explore other options if no updates will be made soon. A server with cpanel installed has (at least) two management web gui's, one is accessible on exampledomain.tld/cpanel or exampledomain.tld:2083 and that is the customer fac
  5. I just wanted to add to this, that this issue affects not only the chrome extension bu also the firefox extension. And also it is not only affecting cpanel login on port 2083 but also login to WHM on port 2087 (cpanel admin/management/reseller backend) You can access a demo of the WHM login form here: https://trycpanel.net/logout.html b.r. Haddi
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