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  1. Hello, Would it be possible to get any ETA on fix? Thanks
  2. use Enpass (right click / auto login) to cPanel / WHM servers. I have to enter user/pass manually. For example, demo from cPanel: https://demo.cpanel.net:2083/ User ID: democom | Password: DemoCoA5620 Using Chrome latest version, as well Chrome Enpass extension latest version Please advise
  3. Works fine on my side (so far) , tnx!
  4. I am expecting the fix next year ;p
  5. I was hoping for a fix until now, this bug is really annoying.
  6. This is affecting (As well) .exe install, not from Microsoft store. I reported it in the forum.
  7. yep, definitely pain in the butt. hopefully somebody decides to look into this.
  8. Hello, After updating to latest version i am having issues using Windows Hello, Option doesn't stay enabled after lock out , and i have to enter Master password each time. Every time i need to re-enable it and it only works one time and gets disabled. Option that i am talking about exactly is attached. Please advise
  9. Hello, Wondering if there was any progress in this? Thanks
  10. Hello, No need to apologize, i do understand that you guys are busy. Thankful to you and your team for looking into this. When you have more information, you will update the thread, or? Please advise.
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