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  1. Well, i find it weird as well that they confirmed that they have a "fix" for this, yet, no update for the extension. If this was the case, this would be pushed?
  2. Hello, Is there any ETA when new version will be released with fix for this issue? Thanks
  3. Hello, thank you for this, where and how can i find when new extension is released? thanks
  4. Same thing, i am thinking about going different route.
  5. Hello, Any word from developers about this? Thanks
  6. Hello, Can we at least get a confirmation that this will fixed in next release? This feature is very important for me, using it every day, right now, for over a month, i have to do 'copy password'. etc. (multiple, multiple times a day). Thank you
  7. Hello, Would it be possible to get any ETA on fix? Thanks
  8. use Enpass (right click / auto login) to cPanel / WHM servers. I have to enter user/pass manually. For example, demo from cPanel: https://demo.cpanel.net:2083/ User ID: democom | Password: DemoCoA5620 Using Chrome latest version, as well Chrome Enpass extension latest version Please advise
  9. Works fine on my side (so far) , tnx!
  10. I am expecting the fix next year ;p
  11. I was hoping for a fix until now, this bug is really annoying.
  12. This is affecting (As well) .exe install, not from Microsoft store. I reported it in the forum.
  13. yep, definitely pain in the butt. hopefully somebody decides to look into this.
  14. Hello, After updating to latest version i am having issues using Windows Hello, Option doesn't stay enabled after lock out , and i have to enter Master password each time. Every time i need to re-enable it and it only works one time and gets disabled. Option that i am talking about exactly is attached. Please advise
  15. Hello, Wondering if there was any progress in this? Thanks
  16. Hello, No need to apologize, i do understand that you guys are busy. Thankful to you and your team for looking into this. When you have more information, you will update the thread, or? Please advise.
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