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  1. I tried your recommended fix, to no avail. I both manually copied the backup file to iCloud Drive, and also copied it thru the sync within the app. Both files failed to open on my laptop, and reported "incorrect password". At this point I'm ready to dump all passwords into another app that might remember me more conveniently, but I will give you one more attempt at allowing use on my laptop. Let me know when you have a fix.
  2. Hello Pratyush, Have Enpass 6.5.2 on iMac 23017 (Big Sur) and MacBook Pro 2012 (Catalina-latest). The iMac setup works fine, but whenever I tried to open Enpass on the laptop, it reported incorrect Master. I tried to download app from Apple Store to attempt again- no luck. I use iCloud on both (Documents folder in cloud on laptop only). Master contains characters _, !, *.
  3. I have Enpass on an iMac, and had it installed on a MacBook Pro. The Master Password is the same for both, but an updated version of Enpass does not recognize my Master anymore. How do I fix this? Running 6.5.2 version on both. Have license from April 2019.
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