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  1. Hi there, I use Samsung Internet browser extensively. Like all the other password managers, Enpass too doesn't detect the URLs correctly (on Samsung Internet browser). Maybe there are some technical difficulties as of now... so that's fine with me. But when Enpass detects the URL as sec.com and then I manually search the website... for ex Facebook, I get this.... "Are you trying to fill sec.com page with the Facebook item. Do you want to save the sec.com URL in Facebook item so that you do not have to search it next time." I get this every single time even after clicking on No. Can we have an option/toggle to turn this off once and for all?
  2. Tipunti


    Why has the price of Enpass suddenly shot up from Rs.200 to Rs.690? I was planning to buy it next week and now I cant. Will the price come down again? Should I wait or should I just move on with something else?
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