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  1. Clearing the cache and cookies everytime "solved" the problem, thanks. Edit: Maybe someone finds this info useful -> sometimes clearing the cache/cookies once wasn't enough. I had to do it multipe times before I was able to connect to another M365 account.
  2. Hello Enpass-Team! We sync multiple vaults through different M365 accounts (one for each customer). This is achieved by using incognito tabs since Enpass opens the latest tab opened in the standard browser. Workflow: - Open browser - Open incognito tab - Close all other tabs - Create new vault in Enpass - Restore from Cloud -> OneDrive - Login with the account details for the sync-account given by the customer Not the smoothest way but it works. The problem is, this method doesn't work on mobile platforms (tried Android and iOS). We can sync our main-vault but after one or two more vaults we're out of luck. Somehow Enpass stores the last login and it keeps on telling us, that we can't sync a second vault from the same share - of course. We're not logged in on any accounts in the browsers and we tried different browsers but we didn't manage to find a way to make this work. Is there anything we can do about it? Best Regards Richard
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