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  1. Hey @Garima Singh thank you for your reply. The way you described it did not work for me. I could only restore an old database, but not the current database on my Mac. I made a backup of the relevant Vault database (xxx_vault-20_items.enpassbackup). Then I transferred this backup file to my partner's iPhone. Then I uploaded the backup to Enpass on my partner's iPhone. But the problem is that my partner's Vault does not sync with Enpass on my Mac. I installed Enpass on my partner's iPhone via family share. My partner also has an iCloud family share, but still syncing is not possible.
  2. I created a backup file (.json and .txt) of one of two Vaults on my Mac. I tried to import the backup file into Enpass on an iPhone, via wifi and directly with the file. Each time I get the information that the password is wrong and/or the file format is not supported. But the password is definitely correct. I tried also different passwords, without success. The Mac uses a different iCloud than the iPhone.
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