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  1. "Auto-Fill Service" is enabled together with "Auto-fill using Accessibility".
  2. I am running into problems to autofill login forms. I am mainly using Chrome on my Android phone. I go to the web site login dialogue on my Andriod phone, access Enpass via the top menu bar, login and choose my stored login credentials for the site. But nothing happens…. Neither the username or password is filled with my stored credentials. I repeat a couple of times, but nothing happens. This is quite common that autofill does not work. Often nothing happens. Sometimes is it only possible to autofill the password (not username). Sometimes the password is auto filled after 10 seconds (often I do not wait that long for it to happen). Last time nothing happened was when I tried to login to www.skistar.se using Enpass autofill I am running: Samsung galaxy S9 PLUS running Android 10 Chrome 87.0.4280.101 Enpass android app version Auto-fill using Accessibility enabled
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