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  1. Hi Garima, many thanks for your reply. By following your process, after the new installation, if I choose the WiFi restore option, the iPad APP crashed. Otherwise, if I choose to restore from iCloud, the data are normally restored and it seems to work. Mnay thanks //Mirko
  2. Dear Garima, 1. in iPhone the version is 6.6.3; I think the same for iPad, but I can’t be sure because I’m not able to Unlock and going to settings menu. 2. I imagine yes, but where i can check it ? 3. 2 4. I never was able to use it 5. all time //Mirko
  3. I’m using Enpass in my iphone with Touch-ID access and in my iMac by entering manually the main password. But in my iPad-mini (witout touch-ID) with an old, not upgradable, iOS 9.3.6, the entering of the main password doesn’t work: always i got “please retry” How can I solve it?
  4. Hi Garima, many thanks: it's working. //Mirko
  5. I saved an Item to my Primary Vault, but I need to move it to a secondary Vault; how can i make it?
  6. MirkoMK

    family sharing

    Hi @Garima Singh, great! By following your steps, now I solved it! many thanks //Mirko
  7. MirkoMK

    duplicate solver

    Hello, is there a way to merge duplicate items?
  8. MirkoMK

    family sharing

    Hi @Garima Singh, if I right understand, you are instructing me on how I can restore a Vault in my iOs device. But please excuse me, my request is different: am I able to use both vaults (primary and secondary) simultaneously so I can search for an item indendentely saved on primary or secondary vault, exactly how I can do in desktop APP? many thanks //Mirko
  9. MirkoMK

    family sharing

    Hi @Pratyush Sharma, as I said, I have 2 vaults and I can access them without any problem by using the Desktop APP. How can I access them (2 vaults) in iOS APP? //Mirko
  10. MirkoMK

    family sharing

    Hi @Pratyush Sharma, I have Enpass Premium, but this isn't the issue: how can I show items from different vaults, in my iOS APP?
  11. MirkoMK

    family sharing

    Hi @Pratyush Sharma many thanks for your reply, but probably I didn't explain right. In my desktop APP I'm using the Primary Vault synched with my iCloud and a secondary Vault (named "family") synched with Google Drive. When I use desktop APP I can see both vault data; for example I can find out an item in Primary Vault or in secondary vault. In my iOS I'm not able to reproduce the same behaviour: I can synch only one vault, so I have to choose iCloud (primary vault) or Google Drive (secondary vault). Please correct me if I'm wrong. //Mirko
  12. MirkoMK

    family sharing

    Hi @Garima Singh many thanks for your reply. OK, I created a new vault and I shared with my family. In my desktop APP (macOS) I can see both vaults: primary and shared. But in my iOS APP, how can I access both vaults?
  13. MirkoMK

    multiple vault

    In my desktop APP (macOS) I created a subset of my items saved in a different vault, so I can share these items with my family in iOS devices. in my desktop APP I can see all items, both in primary Vault than in secondary "Family" vault. But in my iOS device, how can I see all items?
  14. MirkoMK

    family sharing

    I purchased a family plan. I need to keep a unique database to share with all family members on different devices, but I also need that some items were saved as private, so only the owner of the item will be able to see and modify it; how can I make it?
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