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  1. Ahhh, stupid me. Looks much better. Still a bit of work, but useable. Thanks a lot...
  2. Hey there, i hope that I missed something here but what am i supposed to do with the this weird formatted .csv file? it has not header row? What I expect: title,username,password,url,category, ..., ... enpass,geekgirl,iloveyou,https://enpass.io,web, ... ,... github,geekgirl,iloveyou,https://github.com/logn,dev, ... , ... What i get: Title : enpass Username : geekgirl Password : iloveyou URL : https://enpass.io Category : web Title : github Username : geekgirl Password : iloveyou URL : https://github.com Category : web How am i supposed to use this?
  3. I am using Plasma and i3 as a window manager. I added: to my i3 config to start Enpass minimized.
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