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  1. I found a workaround for Chrome users. Finding the 6.6.2 extension is the frustrating part. Crx4chrome was linked from a few stackoverflow answers as a source for archived crx files and has 6.6.2, but use it at your own risk. I had a laptop that hadn't updated yet, so simply copied the extension from there and would recommend that if you can. Once you have a crx file or a folder from a different computer, you just remove the installed extension, install the downloaded one, then follow the steps here to prevent it from auto-updating when chrome checks for updates https://stackoverflow.com/a/62810238
  2. I mean, it's obviously still detecting the keybindings we had set. I changed the default ctrl+/ to ctrl+\. When hitting ctrl+\ it takes me to the browsers binding page, which if it accepted symbols instead of purely letters plus a modifier this change wouldn't matter much. But it doesn't. So given Enpass still seems to be intercepting the keybinds, is it actually terribly difficult to just give us an options to not use this new browser controlled limited function keybind system till it has feature parity with Enpass's keybind feature? This change is just so annoying and shortsided for the sake of prettify some situations enpass can be used it, but ultimately it's slowing a lot of people down.
  3. Aside from really disliking subscription models, which the app forces the upgrade as instead of making the lifetime option at all apparent, these FAQ questions are where I was most confused before reading. It's not made clear that Pro =/= Premium at any point. Unless I'm missing something, Premium isn't mentioned at any step at the moment when clicking through from the big red advert at the top of the app (which really needs an option to be turned off). It just takes you to a in app page about breach monitoring, no mention of premium. Clicking learn more takes you to a webpage about breach monitoring, again zero mention of premium. Clicking continue back at the in-app breach monitoring page takes you to the subscription only "Offer for Pro Users" page, which yet again has no mention of a distinction between pro and premium or that there actually is one time purchase option...
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