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  1. webdav is still available. the url is https://ewebdav.pcloud.com
  2. I've been a Pro User too. And I think Enpass' approach is not ok in this case. After the change of the licensing text in the app I thought about asking apple and google wether it's ok for them that the software manufacture simply changes the purchased license type. On the other side I've bought the lifetime license for android and iOS for about EUR 10 each a long time ago. And I use the Software every day (on iOS, android, Windows and Linux). And I really like the sync feature of enpass, a feature keepassxc doesn't have. So I decided to buy the Premium Lifetime License again on their website. But as written before. It is not ok for me from enpass to break the lifetime promise. I've rather expexted a new software version which we would have to buy again (like reeder does f.eg.) rather than taking us for a fool by changing the license text in the app. And I really wish that the enpass staff wouldn't ignore this thread / the comments in here!
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