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  1. Hi @Discordant, Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure whether there's is any segregation between devices on the same local network while connected through Mobile Hotspot and also I'm unable to find any settings like this in the Phone. Also all these devices are in the same local IP Address range (192.168.109.xx). I'm using other sync softwares (eg. Syncthing with NAT Traversal, Global discovery and relaying disabled, only local discovery is enabled) without any problem with the same setup.
  2. What if I'm not at all using a WiFi Router and all my devices are connected to the same Mobile Hotspot WiFI? While at home my devices are connected to the home WiFI router and the sync is working perfectly. While leaving my home all my devices will be connected to my Mobile Hotspot WiFI, and none of the devices will sync with the server (macOS). Once my devices are connected to any WiFI router the sync will work perfectly again. Hoping that I've explained the scenario in a more meaningful way.
  3. Greetings WiFI Sync is not working while using Mobile Hotspot on any of my devices. My system spec is as follows macOS Monterery 12.4 Enpass Mac App Store v6.8.0 (1056) Enpass iPad v6.8.1(633) Enpass Android v6.8.2.666
  4. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thank you for your positive feedback and considering the feature request. Looking forward for implementing this feature positively... Thank you once again.
  5. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thank you for reverting. I'm currently using MacBook Pro and OS is Big Sur 11.1 and Enpass version is 6.5.2(726). I'm also using Enpass on iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy S9, but mainly I'm looking for this feature in the desktop version. While implementing the "Save Webform" feature, kindly requesting you to have "Add / Edit Custom Fields" and rearranging / sorting feature also as displayed in the screenshots below. I've gone through couple of Password Managers yesterday. I've included couple of screenshots of this feature implemented in Lastpass, Bitwarden and Zoho Vault. Please have a look. Should you require any further feedback, please let me know.
  6. Hi @Pratyush Sharma / @Garima Singh, Why can't we have a 'Save Webform' option for normal web forms (not a login form). This feature is available in Lastpass and 1Password(these are the ones which I'm familiar with). I've switched from 1Password to Enpass. But just to use this feature, I'm keeping lastpass also along with Enpass now. Just to have a glimpse of this feature, if you're booking a ticket in Air India Express site you have to fill forms in 3 pages to book a ticket. All these 3 pages are non login forms and yet same information every time a user books the ticket. There are lot of sites like this which request non standard information like identity / address. As a user this one feature is an added advantage. Please have a look at these sites. https://www.airindiaexpress.in/en https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/services/individualservices/finesinquiry Regards Manoj
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