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  1. Update: Problem solved by myself First I had to delete the cache of my Chrome browser completely, then I had to delete all saved passwords in Chome in conjunction with the profeesional Microsoft account (Office, OneDrive etc.) and finally I had to disconnect and then reconnect the vault synchronisation with OneDrive. I was then prompted in the browser to enter an email address and thereby select the correct OneDrive account. Yippie!
  2. Hi folks! I use Enpass on my private Desktop, my Smartphone (Android) and my Surface for private reasons with lifetime license. My company uses Enpass, too. I now have Enpass installed on my phone and want to sychronize it with my private OneDrive account. When I then select OneDrive in the vault settings, Enpass automatically sychnonizes itself with my employer's OneDrive account. But I don't want that. I want to use my private account instead. I can disconnect, but I can't switch the account. Every time I try to do this, Enpass automatically logs into the business OneDrive account. Update: The app is activated on my private email address. How can I switch to my private OneDrive account?
  3. Hi! I'm knowing and using Enpass on my office computer and now I want to use it in private too. I want to buy a One-time licence because I don't like subscriptions. Also I would like to provide Enpass to my wife, so she can use it on her own. Is this possible with the One-time licence? Thanks a lot for answering!
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