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  1. Hi, I couldn't share the access since it's working behind a vpn. Also, I didn't find the time for testing in the meantime. However 'good news'. It's now working again. Nothing changed on server side. I had to reinstall Enpass (again) on the Android phone and voila. Can't tell what it was, but I still _assume_ it was something that was caused by Enpass itself. "Case closed".
  2. Hi, after 1 hour of testing I reached a certain level of frustration. Situation: Android-Phone (with working enpass-sync to internal WebDAV-Server on Synology) in can't connect any more. (https and http) / Ports are verified and correct. / self-signed-certificates installed with Root-CA in Android-Keystore (working for everything else) What I tried: 1. Syncing with macos => works (same URL) 2. Syncing with IPadOS/iOS-Enpass via WebDAV => works 3. Tried setting up new tresors to sync with the running URL => no success 4. Tried general access via Browser from the Android-Phone to the same folder/URL to a text file => works (for http and https) 5. Changed password to simple password on the server (was one solution offered in the forum) => no success 6. Deinstalled Enpass from Phone & installed fresh from PlayStore => no success 7. Played around with the URL (ending with '/' and adding 'Enpass' or 'Enpass/') => no success Version: I consider this to be a serious bug. Any advise to fix this quickly? thanks kollaesch
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