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  1. Hello, within the last month or so, the sync to my other device via Dropbox got broken. As far as I can tell from history in Dropbox account, the last sync from mobile to dropbox (and Mac) was about mid-September. Right now, I see new updates made via mobile only on the mobile phone. When I press the Sync button manually, nothing happens (neither in the app, nor in Dropbox account). I tried to remove the Dropbox account used for sync, but when I press the Disconnect button (Vault settings - "Dropbox account" - Disconnect), an error message "Sync is not enabled for this vault" appears, with a loading circle running until the app logs me out. When I restart the app, the link to my Dropbox account is still there. Can you please advise on how to fix the sync (ideally without reinstalling the app, if reinstall is necessary, is local backup enough to keep and restore the latest data?) Version of app: (I see no update in app store) Android version: 9 Device: LG-H930 Default browser app: Samsung internet (for serveral years now) Other info: I only have one vault Thank you, Andrea
  2. Hi, I would like to ask for help with the following issue - is it possible to change the location of the Enpass folder (created by default)? If so, how? Here is my situation: 1. On my Mac (iOS 10.14.6) Enpass created a default backup folder in Documents (ie. Documents/Enpass) 2. As i generally store all my app backups together in a different folder, I wanted to move the Enpass data there, too. So I tried: a) Simply moving the whole Enpass folder to that Backup folder (ie. Documents/App_backups/Enpass). This caused Enpass to not recognise my master password (even though it was 100 percent correct)). So I moved it back, logged into Enpass and tried the following: b) In Settings I changed the location of Automatic backups to Documents/App_backups. I manually triggered creation of a backup file in that location. The automatic backups work now (there is now "Backups" folder in the location), BUT if I delete (or just rename) the original Enapss backup folder, again the master password stops working. There are some files in the original Enpass folder (Vaults, walletx.db.backup) which were not moved when I changed backup location, so it seems this could cause the problem. How do I point Enpass to use the new location for these files as well? Thanks in advance, Andrea
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