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  1. +1 Actually, would like to see an opportunity to make a free donation using PayPal. Enpass is worth it! Good job so far!
  2. @Ankur Sahu, Thank you! Yes, it does the trick! On uBuntu, it doesn't matter, but on Mint (17.3) it does. Enpass has to be started before the Vivaldi! For the rest of the users, who run into this problem, I do suggest to put it in the auto startup! Just so you do not have to worry about this issue!!!
  3. Wanted to notice, that the same combination works just fine on ubuntu 14.04.
  4. Hey, there! I have a comment here. ATM running Linux Mint (17.3) and I do have an issue with extension's communication with the app, however, It does work with chromium (chrome)! So, the extension (in Vivaldi:latest) opens a new tab saying "Enpass Connection Error". Yes, "Verify browser" is disabled on linux. Any comments, suggestions? P.S. Enpass is a really great piece of software! Like it a lot!
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