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  1. I ran across an interesting article about some other well-known password managers out there, like 1Password, KeePass, DashLane & LastPass. https://www.securityevaluators.com/casestudies/password-manager-hacking/ If that's too technical, read ZDNet's summary on this article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/critical-vulnerabilities-uncovered-in-popular-password-managers/ While I was pleased Enpass wasn't on the list, I suspect it might be due to lack of significant market share like some of the other products. But I'm also very curious about the steps Enpass is taking to h
  2. Hey @Akash Vyas Yikes - I sincerely apologize for leaving this hanging for half a year! I can confirm this this is still a problem today: I download & install Enpass on several Android devices, restore via WebDAV pointing it to the external URL and setup sync which works correctly: (a) on the same network as the WebDAV server, (b) via cellular data, (c) on an external WiFi connection I download & install the traditional Win32 version of Enpass, restore via WevDAV pointing it to the external URL and setup sync which works correctly: (a) on the same
  3. I setup Enpass on a new machine, both the Traditional Win32 version and the UWP via the Windows Store. I successfully restored my data in the Win32 version but when doing the same in the UWP version, it fails with "Not able to connect to WebDAV. Please check Internet connectivity." It doesn't matter if I use valid or invalid credentials and it's not a matter of a bad WebDAV URL as I copied the URL when setting up the Win32 version & pasted into the UWP version I store the URL in Enpass so that when I have to setup another machine I can refer to it so I copied it from
  4. I agree but I also think we could be Enpass Evangelists and promoting it to family and friends coworkers and work within your organization to potentially offer it up as either a company-wide sanctioned password app or a sanction password app for home users (e.g.: company subsidizes the cost for their employee) key sites like LifeHacker, Engadget, Gizmodo, CNET to name a few In my humble opinion, I think the real challenges lie within explaining (in lay terms) the value of understanding the importance of where the data is housed and what that means to the user. It haven't
  5. Hey @Vinod Kumar - you totally helped me out! Here's where I was going wrong: Mobile Device Unlock Enpass Locate the item in question Click the three dots in the top right The only options are: Favorite, Copy Username, Copy Password, Launch Url I expected the duplicate option to exist at the 'top level' - so to speak - not an option within the item itself. UWP Version Unlock Enpass Locate the item in question Right click the item The only options are: Delete Copy Username, Copy Password, Open link I expected the duplicate o
  6. For what its worth, I'm a WebDAV/ownCloud user with versioning setup.
  7. *shush* that's my secret @Hemant Kumar! But yes you're correct hehe.
  8. Note This only makes sense if Enpass is setup to sync. If Enpass is setup to sync, I'm thinking it would make sense to: Backup locally to a default location that can be changed by the user & offer the option to move existing backups if the directory changes. Backup remotely based on the Sync settings - no user control here Furthermore, when setting up Enpass if a user selects the option to restore data: Enpass would check the sync location for the restore data and if data is found, ask if they want to restore data If they choose yes, allow them to choose wh
  9. On the Traditional Desktop client, one can easily duplicate existing entries. Sadly this feature is missing on Android and the UWP version; I presume it may also be true for iOS and Windows Phone. From my perspective, it would be super handy to be able to duplicate entries on a mobile device and get that feature on the UWP version too.
  10. When setting up Enpass on a new machine, you have the option to restore data from a particular source. I happen to use WebDAV/ownCloud over all the other services. However, when reviewing the Enpass settings after the fact, WebDAV/ownCloud Sync isn't setup requiring one to go through the sync process again. It would be nice if, during the restore process for WebDAV/ownCloud, you offered an option to restore data and setup sync at the same time; possibly via a checkbox defaulted to 'yes'.
  11. Allow me to stand on my soap box... I started using Enpass maybe 2 years ago and I have to say, I'm really impressed with the product. I'm a long time KeePass user, was very happy with it and wasn't actively seeking another solution when I came across Enpass maybe 2 years ago. After giving Enpass a solid go, I thought it was pretty neat, moved everything from KeePass to Enpsas and I've been really impressed with the improvements on all platforms since I started using it. The real draw to Enpass for me and others I've shared the product with, is the fact that one doesn't have to sync th
  12. Thanks for the response! It's super low priority, more of a 'nice to have' feature.
  13. On a mobile device, it doesn't appear possible to toggle the auto-submit checkbox. Could that be added?
  14. The American Airlines website, aa.com, requires three pieces of information in order to login: A username which can be either AAdvantage Number or your Dividend Miles Number or an actual username The last name associated with the account The password Enpass is able to enter the username and password automagically, but not the last name. Anyway support could be added for sites like aa.com that may require more than two pieces of information? Like adding the option to name the field according to The label of the field (e.g.: loginForm.lastName); OR The nam
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