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  1. I was using the UWP app for the longest time, then finally switched to the Desktop app for the Edge Extension. I'm not seeing my recent UWP passwords in the Desktop app even though both point to OneDrive. Is there a way to manually force a "sync verification" of all records?
  2. OK fixed - disabling it in Enpass alone and re-enabling again did the trick. I didn't have to do anything with Windows Hello in my System Settings (actually didn't want to, since I've used the Improve Recognition feature a few times and didn't want to lose all that it learned.) Thanks for the help.
  3. Surface Pro 4 and Lumia 950 I thought Enpass was able to startup fresh and use Windows Hello on the Surface Pro 4 but recently I'm seeing that it starts up and only asks for the Master Password. If I lock the app and go back in, it will use Windows Hello. Is this a change? or am I missing a setting for it to use Windows Hello all the time? I realize that the Lumia needs the Master Password the first time.
  4. Thanks much. Just got a new Surface 4 and discovered the launch-unlocking capability. I guess the Lumia 950 doesn't have Hardware TPM...
  5. Really like the ability to RE-login to Enpass using Windows Hello once it's running in the background, but will we eventually have the ability to launch Enpass with Windows Hello and not have to enter our Master Passwords?
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